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Invest - Relay Foundation


For the second leg of our Race, youth submit their socially conscious business plans to our California Community Challenge. Relay then puts those plans in front of industry professionals, serial entrepreneurs, and community leaders who provide pages and pages of high-impact feedback to our next generation.

Not just looking to give feedback, the Invest helps us to build personalized support plans for each of the finalists. Once we have those finalized, we move quickly into our Incubate leg, where we pair teams with the mentors, funding, and key startup services that they need to start doing great things locally.

Our California Community Challenge!

Full Serious

June 9th will forever be known as the day we chose our very first class of youth-led, social startups. What a day! And what a class! Next year’s Challenge is going to have to do something pretty novel to top this one. Every piece of the Challenge puzzle was present. We had pitching teams speaking to the judges that read their plans. We had sponsors speaking to the developmental partners that will soon play a large part in our Community Incubator program. We also had 10 year-olds that were just starting down the startup path learning from veterans with more than ten years in the field.
This all led to our overarching purpose, which was to start youth-led social businesses that empower California. We don’t think anyone can find flaw in challenging the often ignored student hunger that is found in schools across the state. Nor do we think one could criticize the need to champion an alternative to the standard manufacturing processes for sports wear. And our first Runners took the next step in transforming their ideas into solid, sustainable startups that do just that.  


Relay: Teams Like These