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Innovate - Relay Foundation


Like a relay race has four legs, the Relay Foundation consists of four primary programs. Each event can be seen as a leg of a race. The first leg of the race is a collection of educational events that we call Collaboratives. Each Collaborative gets future social entrepreneurs the team, the tools, and the technique that they need to launch a pro-community venture.

And though each Collaborative is slightly different, they will always follow a definite path that we know turns great ideas into high-impact community businesses. This is because of our amazing Partners, our tried-and-true curriculum, and access to amazing event space through the region’s top universities, incubators, and co-working spaces.



The Classes:



The Canvas

From Idea to Plan

This is the first step towards starting a pro-community business. Here you put together a sustainable model to work toward by:

> Clarifying your cause
> Segmenting your market
> Isolating your offering


Life-Cycle Assessment

A Deeper Look

After nailing a few points down, now you have to ensure your inputs are as pro-community as your venture. Here you will:

> Analyze your inputs
> Measure your impact
> Compare your options


Path to Market

Finding Your Niche

Now that you know where everything is coming from, you need to decide how you will begin to make profit. This means:

> Defining your brand
> Assessing your outreach
> Identifying your partners


Wild Card

Always Changing

To keep things even more interesting, we partner with a local organization that teaches social startup skills such as:

> Legal Considerations
> Technology for Social Change
> Personal Health and Leadership