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How You Can Help - Relay Foundation

How You Can Help

Invest your experience in concrete social impact.


All it takes is time and the willingness to help.

Give the next generation of leaders the chance to learn and grow from your past experiences by serving as a judge, mentor, or by partnering with Relay for a deeper, regional benefit. The time commitment is flexible and the working relationships are tailored to fit your needs, and there is no denying the jobs created and pro-community businesses built.


Looking to give back but don’t have much time? Professional life keeping you tied down? This is the option for you. You can serve as judge and provide feedback to our California Community Challenge applicants.

Each plan will be assigned to you based on your skill-set and takes only three hours to read and mentor. Also, only you can choose to have your contact information made available if you wanted to take that extra step and advise the team. Use your experience to help the leaders of tomorrow cross the finish line.


Judge Sign-Up Form

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Thanks so much!


For those that want to take on greater responsibility, you can work with The Relay Foundation as a mentor for our funded projects or at one of our Collaboratives. To start the process, tell us about yourself and we can work with our applicants to find a mutually beneficial outcome. Let’s work alongside one another to cross the finish line.


Mentor Sign-Up Form

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How many hours per week can you mentor each student/team?

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Are you a Bay Area entrepreneur, educational institution, or nonprofit? You might consider working with The Relay Foundation in a few ways. If you are looking to benefit your own locality, think about creating your own grant to be given out at our yearly Challenge. You provide the grant, we provide the judges and project management. And that’s just the beginning.

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Here are some of the great people helping our youth to do great things:

Are you next?