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Donate - Relay Foundation


Relay works hard to make sure that our social entrepreneurs get as much help as they need so that they can build their own pro-community ventures. And we need your help to do it.

Each new venture creates local jobs that we can see, cuts down on crime in our own backyards, and helps to purify the air we breathe. A donation to Relay is an investment in resilient communities, safer schools, and deeper civic engagement. It’s never been so easy to solve so many problems with one simple click.

Of course, Relay is also a 501c3 charity, so every gift is fully tax-deductible.



Curious where your gift might go? Here are a list of common startup needs:




  • Entity Formation
  • Short-Term Office Space
  • Marketing Material



  • Legal Aid
  • Standard E-Commerce Site
  • Event Space



  • CRM Software (like Salesforce!)
  • First Product Inventory
  • Company Computers

Finish Line


  • Part-Time Employee
  • Year-Long Office Space
  • R&D