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Our Story - Relay Foundation

Our Story

Noted Professor Dr. Cornel West has often been quoted as asking“What will become of this great tradition of love and service under our watch?”

The Relay Foundation, by providing youth the opportunity to integrate business education with true, local citizenship; by offering the chance for future leaders to help build and better the communities they will one day govern; by fostering a community firmly grounded in compassion and creation, is my response. But let’s go back and see how this came to be.

You see, over the last few years we have learned about toxic assets and what they can do to a country in general and community specifically. Toxic assets have no market, no value. In order to avoid students, my friends, becoming toxic assets, I had a choice: do I whine or do I act?

Right then, I chose to act, though I had no clue just what that meant. However, after stepping back and thinking about it all, the poor state of the economy, the stress being placed on all levels of education, and on and on, it became clear to me that what was lacking from the situation was not capability, but opportunity to put what we were learning into practice.

Indeed, The Relay Foundation continues a longstanding and reverent tradition. Mary McLeoud Bethune provided a service which later became part of a community of HBCU’s from her love of Education.  Steve Jobs provided a service that became an electronic community from his love of innovation & technology. W.C. Handy provided a service that became a revolutionary musical community throughout the world. Likewise, The Relay Foundation provides a service that will grow a community of community-builders from the love of compassionate, innovative leadership and public service. And I cannot stress enough that this is a community that must exist.

I hope you join me in bringing my dream to our neighborhoods, to our communities, and to every brilliant and willing student mind. With your help, we’ll do extraordinary things, leave a lasting positive impression on our future leaders, and, most importantly, keep the tradition of love and service strong for the next generation.

Thank you,

-Bruce Wilson
Founder and Executive Director